Promotional Staff

ModelsOnly specialise in providing promotional staff to undertake a variety of promotional staffing disciplines. Having nationwide capability and efficient staff lookups allows us quickly and seamlessly to profile and select candidates for your promotional activity.
Utilising our own bespoke database system candidates can be chosen by geography, skill set, experienced, well, in fact on limitless look up criteria.

Promotional Staff Briefing?
All staff are fully briefed in advance of any piece of promotional activity. This involves supplying staff with our own briefing packs which can incorporate your specific briefing information such as promotion overview, uniform requirements, meeting points or additional materials. Our staff management and production teams ensure the staff are up to speed prior to the campaign so they are ready to go when they arrive at their shift.

How Do We Know The Promo Staff Are On Site?
For any campaign regardless of this being a multiple location or single shift, all staff are checked into their locations. The day before the shift, staff are contacted to confirm the shift and triple check clothing requirements and the overview of the promotion. On the morning or the day of the shift sms reminders are sent to ensure staff are on route to the the shift and again once they arrive on location.

During Their Shift?
All staff are required to take digital photography of their promotional activity. This includes photography of the teams in action and also of members of the public being involved in the promotion. Feedback questions, which can be client prompted are noted and later reported through our online reporting system.

Post Campaign
Promo staff forward photographs taken during the promotion to Afxisi Media head office staffing teams. All photos are correctly sized and colour balanced before being sent through to our clients. Staff complete our on line feedback systems to detail the feedback from their promotion.