Promo Girls

Looking For Promo Girls?
We booking promotion girls for promo events nationwide. We provide promotional girls for shows, events, road shows and promotions.

Promo Girl Profiling
We will provide profiles of all available promotions girls who are registered with us and available for your booking. You will have the final choice on the candidates based on your promotional requirements and our recommendations.

Promo Girl Briefing
All promo girls will be fully briefed before they arrive on site. We will build bespoke briefing packs for the promotional booking. Our admin team make sure all promotions girls are briefed and ready to work before they arrive on site.

24/7 Promo Girls Management
Whatever time of day or night your event takes place, all promo girls will be signed into their shifts by our admin team. We book reserves for all shifts meaning you will always have the correct shift allocation for your event.

Have Special Requirements?
The best way to discuss your promotional girl’s booking requirement is to call one of our account managers today. They will discuss promo girl profiles, costs, work times, infact¬†everything for us to provide a 100% cost effective and transparent quotation.

We look forward to working with you.