Lead Generation Staff

An increasing more popular service required from our clients is the need for a lead generation service. Too often we have enquiries from customers where they have been sold a promotional marketing campaign and all they really want is lead generation staff.

Experienced Lead Generators
This aspect of promotions is about lead generation, not leaflet distribution, not giving away goody bags. Our customers want qualified leads at the end of the day which their sales team can convert into sales. This is where candidate selection, sales skills and a hard skin are needed. The success of a lead generation exercise of won and lost on the person doing work.

So How Do We Do It?
Put simply we won’t unless we are 100% sure we have the right candidate for the work. In this aspect, we operate like a temporary recruiter, with over 10,000 staff on our database we will select the candidate that is right for the work. If they do not have a proven track record in lead generation then we simply will not use them.

Timely Data
The second side to lead generation is timely information from the field to the sales team. As a vast majority of our teams have smart phones, the data required can be simply entered into their existing handset. We can quickly and at a very low rate code a data entry form allowing our teams to enter data into a centralised contact form. We then give you access to these leads that have been generated and you take it from there!