Hospitality Staff

Are you looking for punctual, presented, fully briefed hospitality staff for your next event or function?
Due to our vast database of staff, we will be able to select the correct hospitality staff for you or the brand you are representing.

This is one of the most frequently requested pieces of activity and having over 10,000 staff to meet your requirements allows us to provide hospitality staff across any Indian location.

What Do You Need From The Hospitality Staff?
1. Fully brief in advance of the function?
2. Specific dress code?
3. The specific type of candidate?
4. Bar experience?
5. For us to provide branded clothing?
6. Data capture requirement?
7. Anything else?

With all our activity, we ensure the staff sign into our admin team throughout every shift. This means the hospitality staff arrive promptly, dressed correctly and primed with their role and responsibilities in mind before they start.