Costumed Characters

Where relevant costumed characters can add a visual centre piece to a promotional campaign and give a positive fun atmosphere to the promotion. Not only are costumed characters extremely eye catching but are a great way to break the ice with consumers.

Family Friendly
The added benefit of costumed characters is that they are a great way to entertain children whilst engaging with adults regarding the promotion which may not actually be children focussed.

Street Theatre
It is also a great way to theme promotions and make them more relevant, we often supply costumed staff for theatres productions etc where you are brining a little bit of the theatre live on to the street.

What We Think
“there are always promotional situations where costumes characters are relevant, yes it can be kind of cheesy in the wrong situation, but sports events, open spaces and city centres can be really brought to life with costumes. It is important to note that the person inside of the costume is more important than the costume itself, you really need an outgoing candidate who is prepared to not only interact but do a hard days work. We all know the other side to costumed promo work; hot and hard work so getting the right staff member is key to success”.